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Spring_Summer 2011

Spring_Summer 2011

Spring_Summer 2011


Shampoodle is the sum of an itching impulse to create something that will have an impact on someone else’s life. A good one. We could have been rock stars and written fabulous lyrics that stuck on to the minds of millions of fanatic fans or created the best espresso machine ever. But we where just returning home to Stockholm after working/living abroad. Had our first kid on the way. None of us could play any instrument (Helene’s sad history of being a drummer in a underground “girl” band 17 years after her teens does not count as such) but we wanted to create something new, different, together. Enter Shampoodle. This was in 2006.

We may not have revolutionized the world since then, but we do get goose bumps with the knowledge that 5 780 small people around the world are walking around in the Shampoodle Tracksuit - first item ever made, get spinal chills reading mum’s discussions on family forums on the net - praising or defending one of our designs on line. In 2010 we could see that our slow-cook project had survived the first years of double work, the born of child no. 2 and reached the status of being something more then a hobby, and that we actually have made an impact on peoples life – even if small. We are still here, and even more eager to concor the world.

Today we are represented by our agents in: Finland, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Japan, Spain & Sweden. But we also claim fame in selected stores in: Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Canada, Denmark, Lithuania, Netherlands, New Caledonia, Iceland, Italy, Norway, South Korea and the US.




It was not a decision, it was just a given to be a social aware company, to always have the welfare of our collaboration partners and the environment in mind. This is not always an easy target having most of our production made across the world in India. But today most of our cotton products is certified organic and the production is made under good working conditions. The process continues… we will keep you updated.




Age, size or sex is a minor concern for Shampoodle. Our only restriction when it comes to design is to keep it within the limits of our own tag line: childishly comfortable clothes. Therefore you will find most of our clothes from 60 cl to XL and made for both sexes.

Shampoodle’s clothes is for the pleasures of an urban life style. Party or play, a Shampoodle outfit works for both. And yes, our clothes are great matching with other labels!

Taking child clothes to version 2.0

Enjoy :)







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